Request for 2019 Sponsorship

The “Norwegian Forum for Offshore Survey and Positioning” was founded more than five years ago as a non-profit entity. We are extremely proud to say that, thanks to the generous financial support of our corporate sponsors, we are continuing to grow and improve as a meeting place for you and your industry colleagues.  Today we have over 350 members and have an established routine of hosting informative and social evening events around the country all of which are completely free to attend.

2019 sponsors (as of 13.03)

To cover the cost of our events and activities in 2019, we are again seeking annual sponsorship of NOK 10 000,- from organisations connected to the offshore survey and positioning community in Norway.  Sponsorship income will be used to cover our (nominal) running costs and to support our activities during the year, including regular evening forums and social events.  We emphasise that NOSP has, from the start, been run on an entirely voluntary basis, and will continue to be so going forward.

“Thank You” to all who have supported us in our previous years, without you we could not exist!  If you are interested in financially contributing to our success in 2019, please reach out to arrange the practical details.  More information is contained in the attached letter.

Membership Survey 2018

We would like to thank all of our NOSP members for a fantastic 2018 and are looking forward to the new year!  
NOSP exists because of three things: 

  • The generous financial support of our corporate sponsors, 
  • The volunteer efforts of our Board, and 
  • Because of YOU, our members, for whom we exist and for whom we want to become even better.  

We would be grateful if you would spend a minute or two to give us some feedback about our organization and events so that 2019 can be the best year yet!  

Please follow this link to tell us how we are doing and how we can improve:

Edit 01.02.2019 : The survey link is still active for anyone who would still like to provide feedback! A summary of some of the feedback received up until now can be found in the attached file.

17.01.2019 – Evening Event in Stavanger

Welcome to Stavanger on January 17, 2019!  NOSP is turning FIVE!

Although we began holding evening events a few months earlier, NOSP was officially encorporated through the registration of our signed statutes in January 2014.

Come celebrate with us at Kåkå (Sting Nere, Valbergjet 3, 4006 Stavanger) starting at 17:00 with presentations beginning at 18:00!

On the programme for the evening:

  • “All physical and digital data accessible in one GIS archive solution”, by Andreas Heldal-Lund of iO Data Sandnes
  • “Norway’s Best Preserved Wooden Shipwreck; A unique time capsule”, by Massimiliano Ditta of Stavanger Maritime Museum
  • “Latest Developments in GNSS, both Beneficial and Detrimental”, by John Vint of Fugro Survey

Pizza will be served, no reservation is required and the event is free to attend.  Please spread the word and bring a colleague to join us for some socializing and interesting presentations!