Overview 2016


LIDAR Scanning from Unmanned systems

Niels Christian Moen, Camflight

Survey in the service of subsea construction

Ernest Jezionek, Subsea 7

A “Smorgåsbord” of Survey Technology

Martin Wikmar, Clinton Marine Survey



Point Cloud Innovation – making your data work harder

Greg Hammond, UTEC Survey

Machine Vision – SLAM* dunk to real-time GIS?

Thomas Mennerdahm & André Reinlert, MMT

Airborne laser, applications and future

Pål Herman Sund, TerraTec



Johan Sverdrup – A megaproject with a strict focus on improvements and cost control

Lars Trodal, Statoil

Statoil LCV 2016 and use of still images

Tor Arne Paulsen, DeepOcean

Data – Taking it to the web

Adam Davis, Wish Software



Synthetic Baseline Navigation, What’s it all about?

James Titcomb, iXBlue

The Challenges of Positioning in the Arctic

John Vint, Fugro Survey

Innovative Bridge Building Across Bjørnafjorden

Heidi Kjennbakken, Statens Vegvesen


14.04.2016 (Annual General Meeting, Stavanger)

Annual General Meeting

Stig Øvstedal

GNSS Positioning – Do technical specifications keep pace with technology developments?

John Vint, Fugro Survey

Typical Mistakes when using Gyrocompasses

Mads Fogh, Vectory Sensor Systems

EM712, EM2040P and Water Column Data

Torbjørn Kjær, Kongsberg



NASNet LBL enters into the Norwegian Sector

Stig Lone, Subsea 7

Sailing in Arctic Conditions

Andreas Heide

Mariner Jacket Installation

Paul Raistrick, Statoil



Cost Efficient Integrity Management Using Underwater Laser Scanning

Scott Gray, Seatronics

Metrology Using Photogrammetry

Frank Pryz, Bluepix

GeoROV System

Jon Machin, Geomarine