Overview 2019


  • Dogger Bank History – from 100.000 years BP to now” by Tor Inge Yetginer-Tjelta, Equinor
  • The Ocean in the Anthropocene: threats, Challenges, and solutions” by Alex David Rogers, REV Ocean
  • Power System for Tether Back-up and Resident ROVs” by Dr Thomas Valdez, Teledyne


  • How Technology affects and changes the future of Subsea” by Pål Atle Solheimsnes, Equinor
  • UROV: A New Subsea Vehicle Paradigm” by Jack Vincent, OneSubsea
  • Developments in Resident Vehicle Technology” by Peter Erkers, SAAB
  • LiDARs important role in residency, and why” by Neil Manning, 3D at Depth


  • Photogrammetric solution at the Mongstad HDD borehole for the Johan Sverdrup Oil Export pipeline” by Russell Small, Deep Ocean
  • Simultaneous Use of Multiple Autonomous Platforms” by Michael King, Ocean Infinity
  • Subsea operations of the future, new technologies and ways of working” by Tor Eivind Selvik, iTech Services


  • Methods for Seabed Mapping in Exploration of Seabed Minerals” by Øystein Sture, NTNU AUR-lab
  • Unmanned Surface Vehicles for Maritime Data Acquisition” by Stephanie Kemna, Maritime Robotics
  • Real-time Applications for WBMS STX” by Espen Lie, Norbit
  • Position & Attitude Determinations Sensors – Challenges and Solutions” by Finn Otto Sanne and Aleksander Hammernes, Kongsberg Seatex
  • Adaptive Sampling With Autonomous Underwater Vehicles” by Martin Ludvigsen and Trygve O. Fossum, NTNU AUR-lab


  • Johan Sverdrup Pipeline Installation – Survey Challenges” by Odd Arne Lillebø, Equinor
  • Clash Detection and the Five Ps” by Simon Canning, DOF Subsea


  • Friends or foes? How underwater acoustic channels can facilitate localization and authentication” by Prof Paolo Casari, IMDEA
  • Agile LBL: Low-cost Frame Deployment, Calibration, & Recovery” by Gautier Dreyfus, Forssea Robotics
  • Building a Norwegian supply chain for floating offshore wind turbines.” by Arvid Nesse, Metcentre
  • Research at UdG on underwater vision systems with applications to mapping and vehicle navigation” by Dr Nuno Gracias, University of Girona
  • Ongoing developments in Side Scan Sonars and Sub-Bottom Profilers” by Nick Lawrence, Edgetech
  • 3D real time imaging sonar solutions for positioning and operations monitoring.” by Mike Gallo, Coda Octopus
  • Automated pipe inspection using machine Learning – is it really working? And what are the potential uses?” by Ole Kristensen, EIVA


  • “All physical and digital data accessible in one GIS archive solution”, by Andreas Heldal-Lund of iO Data Sandes
  • “Norway’s Best Preserved Wooden Shipwreck; A unique time capsule”, by Massimiliano Ditta of Stavanger Maritime Museum
  • “Latest Developments in GNSS, both Beneficial and Detrimental”, by John Vint of Fugro Survey