Overview 2021

21.01.21 – Online Event

  • Grant Thomson, Savante: “3DGP: 3D General Purpose 3D Scanner – A briefcase of brief case studies….
  • Peter Simkins, Ocean Phoenix International Ltd: “Why?
  • Richard Drennan, Viewport 3: “Examination of Subsea 3D photogrammetry options, from simple to complex

24.02.21 – Online Event

  • Lessons learned with unmanned surface systems by Kevin McBarron of Sulmara Subsea
  • MEMS Technology in Hydrography by Sébastien Manigot of SBG Systems
  • Remote Metrology and 3D Recon by Keith Vickery of Zupt LLC

24.03.21 – Online Event

  • Detailed 3D Acoustic UXO Surveys to Reduce Target Visualisation Requirements’; Chris Almond – Pangeo Subsea
  • RM Hypermag: Multi-Vector Gradiometer for UXO, Cable & Pipeline Depth of Burial’; Matthew Kowalczyk – Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG)
  • UXO Risk Mitigation – An Integrated Approach’; Anne Chabert & Martin Valk – Fugro