Overview 2015


Superior Survey ROV

Tor Arne Paulsen, DeepOcean AS

Latest EIVA developments, trends and roadmap

Ole Kristensen, EIVA AS

Dynamic Calibration of Navigation Sensors using GNSS Technology

John Vint, Fugro Survey AS



FARO 3D LASER scanning

Anders Janson, FARO measurement systems

UXO methodology and Geosoft presentation

Nigel Halsall, GEOSOFT

High Resolution Seismic Renaissance

Dag Sigurd Stensholt / Maria Theander, Fugro Survey AS



Offshore Positioning with GNSS.  Where are we today?

Matthew Goode, Fugro Intersite

Adapting Aerospace Technology to DP Vessels for Safe and Stable Station Keeping

Ben Dean, C-NAV GNSS Division

Field Experiences of Ageing Infrastructure

Sigve Halvorsen, BP



Subsea positioning challenges combining camera and sonar data

Nils Erik Jørgensen, TerraNor

Submarine cable and pipeline survey using model-based methods: Beyond conventional tracking

Jim Waite, Optimal Ranging

Enough Administration Already!  Refocusing our businesses on operational essentials

Celina Thom, DOF Subsea Norway



Annual General Meeting, NOSP

Stig Øvstedal, NOSP Chairman

BlueComm – uComm

Stephen Fasham, Sonardyne

HiPAP, not just a DP Reference: acoustic telemetry and monitoring applications

Spencer Collins, Kongsberg

Survey Interceptor ROV

Thomas Mennerdahl, MMT



Oil & Gas market

Per Magus Nysveen, NPD

HX Lasers and Cameras, Mosaic Creation

Michael Flynn, Cathx

AUV pipeline inspection

Even Børhaug, Kongsberg Maritime



LiDAR Metrology Best Practices

Mark Hardy, 3D at Depth

Lessons learned over our first 100 production inertial metrologies

Keith Vickery, Zupt, LLC.

“It’s about time” – Efficiency improvements in acoustic metrology

Darren Murphy, Sonardyne Survey Support Group