2019 Quiz

  1. NOSP hosted 27 presentations in 2019. How many of them were held by women?

2. The R/V Petrel is a Research vessel owned by who?

3. Where are most communication satellites located?

4. 26 Galileo satellites are in orbit. How many are in “usable condition”?

5.The highest measureable sea-level atmospheric pressure is found in the center of tropical cyclones.

6. SfM Technology delivers 3D images and maps based on data extracted from Visual and IR photography. What is SfM?

7. What is NOT a Method for obtaining elevation data for creating DEMs?

8. Bathymetry is the study of underwater Depths. What is the onshore equivalent?

9. Thermohaline circulation is relevant in what context?

10. Angular velocity is typically measured in what?

11. A “refractive index” describes how fast LIGHT travels through a material. It can also be applied to SOUND waves.

12. Sound travels faster in salt water than in fresh water.

13. What is OSPAR?

14. What is this a Picture of?

15. On Mohn’s Ridge, what is SMS?

16. Commercially profitable seabed mining has existed since the 1960s in the form of what?

17. The break even price for full Field Development at John Sverdrup is what?

18. Which oil Field was discovered 50 years ago (1969)?

19. How are potential offshore Wind Resources measured?

20. Equinor Powers more than one million European homes With electricity from offshore Wind farms.

21. What is Hvaldimir?