NOSP is coming to Bergen! Join us 08.10.14!

NOSP is holding an event in Bergen for the first time, please join us at the Bergen Public Library on Wednesday 08.10.14 followed by a social call at a pub for drinks and snacks.  Membership in NOSP is free, just sign up to receive our evening invitations.  Attendence at this evening’s event in Bergen is also free!  Come along and bring a colleague!


16:55 : “NOSP Info” – Stig Øvstedal
17:00 : “Are floating wind turbines an option?  The history of Hywind and the way forward” – Finn Gunnar Nielsen, Statoil
17:30 : “The installation of Offshore Wind Farm Inter-Array Cables – Case studies from two UK OWFs” – Stuart Duncan
18:00 : “F-1 Engine Salvage from the Apollo 11 mission; Fragile artifact recovery at 4200 meters” – Lars-Kristian Trellevik, Swire Seabed







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